Case Studies

  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Triplets TV Commercial Launch
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    Cadbury Dairy Milk Triplets TV Commercial Launch

    In July 2014 Cadbury Dairy Milk launched the joyous ‘Triplets’ TV commercial, introducing three animated siblings in their mothers’ womb, singing the song “Joy (we are family)” by South African acapella group The Soil.

    Plato Communications was tasked to implement an effective Consumer PR Campaign to gain relevant media coverage with key objectives of growing thje Cadbury Dairy Milk social media fan base and increasing brand affinity within a new market segment. This was achieved by asking consumers to help name the Triplets from the TV Commercial, which resulted in the compilation of South Africa’s first baby naming book.

    This effective campaign successfully amplified the launch of the CDM Triplets TVC and engaged consumers in the ‘Naming the Triplets’ campaign. The campaign had social media abuzz with love for the joyous trio, growing the CDM Facebook following from 35 000 followers to over 350 000 in the first 3 months of the campaign. Using effective PR tactics Plato achieved R 1 871 343 in AVE (1:1) brand media coverage resulting in an ROI of 6:1.

    The campaign received two Special Mentions in the Social Media and Consumer PR categories at the 2015 Prism Awards.

    It was a privilege to service Mondelez, Cadbury Dairy Milk and the cheerful trio and to help create a spontaneous release of joy, while capturing the hearts and souls of the nation.

    After a nationwide search, the Cadbury Dairy Milk’s Triplets names are revealed.

    Media Launch for the ‘Little Book of Joy’, South Africa’s first baby naming book.

  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations New Product Launch
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    Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations New Product Launch

    Runaway international success story, Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations, launched in South Africa in May 2015.  Supported by an integrated marketing campaign this new product launch also offered consumers an experiential journey of fun and flavours at ‘The World of Marvellous Creations’ Pop-Up Store.

    Plato Communications amplified the campaign through the implementation of strategic PR tactics and strong media relations, effectively positioning Marvellous Creations as an accessible premium within the Cadbury Dairy Milk stable.

    Measured results shows R 2 693 945,00 in AVE (1:1), a 6:1 ROI and Marvellous Creations labeled the biggest innovation launch achieving 6.6% share of the market. The campaign was awarded a Bronze Award in the Media Relations Category at the 2016 Prism Awards

    By tapping into consumer insights and disseminating relevant messages through targeted media, Plato Communications effectively helped build the brand association of joyful moments of family sharing.

    Celebrities and Media took to Social Media to share news about the arrival of Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations.  The custom 3D printed puzzles press packs moulded in the shape of this unique chocolate offered hours of family fun.

    Cadbury Dairy Milk offered an experiential consumer journey through The World of Marvellous Creations Pop Up Store, which was launched to Media and Influencers in a fun and interactive way.

  • Cadbury Lunch Bar 50th Birthday Celebration
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    Cadbury Lunch Bar 50th Birthday Celebration

    In celebration of its Golden 50th Anniversary, Lunch Bar developed a heartfelt campaign, which celebrated the rich and colourful heritage of South Africa’s No.1 chocolate bar by encouraging consumers to share their talents through Lunch Bar-inspired designs.

    To drive campaign engagement and ensure ongoing media interest Lunch Bar strategically aligned with the talents of local SA designers to produce a limited edition Lunch Bar-inspired range of T-shirts, and socks.

    The 8-month campaign held media interest throughout generating a measured PR value of R1.9 million, ROI of 5:1 (1:1), while ultimately reaching share growth of 29.3% for the year.

    The Lunch Bar-inspired PR campaign offered consumers ‘much much more’ to celebrate, while the use of strong media relations helped communicate brand messages that paid homage to a heritage brand.

    Lunch Bar-inspired activations drove consumer and media interest in the campaign while also collecting designs to be entered into the Social Media competition to develop a limited edition range of Socks and T-Shirts.

    The Lunch Bar-inspired Limited edition range of socks and T-Shirts were revealed at a Media Launch, which was hosted by Campaign Influencers Skinny Sbu Socks and AfrikanSwiss

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    In 2016, KFC went back to its original slogan 'It's Finger Lickin' good'. The tagline was re-introduced worldwide. Plato launched a Sensory Event to re-introduce the slogan to the media and key influencers. The Sensory Dining Experience was hosted first at the Giggling Gourmet, in Cape Town before moving to the Good Food Studio in Johannesburg.

    J’Something, Micasa musician turned chef extraordinaire hosted guests including media, celebrities and KFC advocates.

    Guests tried their hand at preparing KFC’s Original Recipe chicken and had the opportunity to not only make but also try out the new KFC Burrito that launched on 6 September before tucking into some delicious KFC and enjoying a dining experience together.