Case Studies

Cadbury Dairy Milk Flavourism

After a year of product innovation, Cadbury Dairy Milk planned to raise awareness of its core range of flavours through the implementation of an integrated campaign, Cadbury Dairy Milk Flavourism.

Supporting these activities, PR was tasked to help ‘bring the Cadbury Dairy Milk flavours to life’ encouraging consumers to broaden their chocolate repertoire, trying flavours they may not have tried before. PR partnered with Mojanation to devise a fun consumer activation and so, South Africa’s first ‘Joy Generator’ was born.

Designed to unlock the joy of finding your perfect chocolate match, the Joy Generator activations reached consumers nationally.

With five national ‘Joy Generator’ activations Cadbury Dairy Milk set to unlock Joy by encouraging consumers to find their perfect chocolate match.
This vending machine-style activation asked guests to log in via Facebook or by entering their name and date of birth. It welcomed them via a digital screen and determined their flavour match via an algorithm, ultimately gifting them their personal flavour-matched Cadbury Dairy Milk slab.

The hut like vending machine was operated by a set of trained actors a.k.a ‘joy generators’.

To launch the activations, Media and Influencers were invited to an exclusive VIP reveal of SA’s 1st ‘Joy Generator’, becoming the first South Africans to share their flavour matching personality traits via social media using #WhatsYourFlavourSA. This helped create hype and anticipation with consumers who could soon visit a ‘Joy Generator’ activation near them.

The goodie bag and post event Press Drop gave media full access to all campaign elements and the opportunity to enjoy the 10 flavours. The pack also shared how to engage with the Flavourism campaign on social media and where to attend the Joy Generator activations.

To dial up the joy, PR pre-matched 10 influencers and 10 bloggers with their individual flavours, without their knowledge. We wanted to ensure that the Media Launch was attended by matched guests for each flavour.

Influencers and Bloggers were asked to;

• Attend the media launch or a nearby activation to discover their true flavour profile.
• Share their flavour profiles on Social Media.
• Develop flavour matched blog or social content, with their particular CDM flavour as the hero.
• Drive reader and fan engagement through flavour matching giveaways
Drive ongoing interest and engagement by encouraging fans and readers to visit a Flavourism activation or by using the campaign microsite to find their chocolate soulmate.

Consumers were drawn to the ‘surprise’ element of finding their flavour match with Joy literally erupting each time the Joy Generator dispensed their matching flavour.

But, more than freeing Joy, the Joy Generator delightfully showcased the Cadbury Dairy Milk flavour variants, generating talk ability, while effectively building awareness and brand love via the interaction experience.

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