Case Studies

Halls Air Flash Mob

HALLS candy, with distinct ‘mentholation’ properties, is set apart from competitors and positioned as a ‘candy with a purpose.’ Through measured consumer sentiment, it was found that HALLS was boxed as a ‘throat sweet’.

While HALLS didn’t want to distance itself from that loyal fan base, there was an opportunity to reach a broader target market. HALLS needed to position itself as “playful, refreshing and invigorating”, while communicating: “There’s Air – and then there’s HALLS Air”.

With this in mind, Plato coordinated, filmed and promoted a high-energy HALLS-branded Flash Mob to bring this concept to life.

PR worked with Newcast and Zinto Marketing to brief and help choreograph the HALLS Air Flash Mob, as well as defining consumer messaging. The Flash Mob incorporated a bucket drummer, rapper, a cappella singers, pantsula and break dancers, all working together to create a seamless execution showing HALLS Air power being transferred from dancer to dancer. Plato invited ‘hidden influencers’ to attend/post live images and videos on social. Sampling took place during/after the Flash Mob with consumers.

Activation can be viewed here:

Through the HALLS Flash Mob, we were able to successfully activate in a playful way while sharing the key messages, during and post-activation. The dancers and singers in the Flash Mob were used skillfully to ignite a wave of reaction from consumers and media, which ensured HALLS was positioned in the desired space, while also remaining true to its original market.

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