Case Studies

KFC Suppertime Stories

KFC, a brand renowned for bringing families together over a meal, created award winning technology, Suppertime Stories, in mid-2017 using the iconic family bucket and turning it into a theatre experience, by linking packaging with mobile-technology.

For a limited time, specially designed bucket sleeves directed customers to download a mobile app, to unlock 1 of 3 beautiful African folk stories, narrated by local voices who brought the characters to life.

Stories included ‘why hippo doesn’t eat fish’, ‘why mosquito buzzes in people’s ears’, and ‘why thunder & lightning live in the sky’. When placed face-down on the table the phone’s sensor plays an audio-story, bringing the bucket to life with sound, light and vibrations- creating an enchanting home storytelling experience for families to enjoy during dinner.

Plato created one-on-one theatre experiences for 22 influencers in the privacy of their own home to showcase this technology.

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